Wodehill Blue


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Cows Milk, Unpasteurised, Vegetable Rennet

Made by Oliver Hudson, Bedfordshire

Wodehill Blue is made from the raw milk of two breeds of cow. The Jersey is the classic dairy cow famed for rich buttery milk, whereas Red Poll milk is known to be high in protein. The cows are milked on site and then carried into the dairy where the starter is added to begin the creative process. The cheese is matured for 3 weeks and when young is firm, mild with smooth texture and hint a blue. Over time, the creaminess develops bringing a richer flavour and a balancing out of the blue.

I may be biased but in my opinion rural north Bedfordshire is a lovely spot. Time spent at university aside I have never strayed too far for too long. I grew up here with an interest in, but no direct connection to, agriculture.” – Oliver Hudson

In 3 Words: Buttery, Soft & Mild


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